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Adding Brilliance To Your Holiday Selling Season: Part 1

Adding Brilliance To Your Holiday Selling Season: Part 1
Erich Jacobs, President of JBT, will be giving exclusive insight on JBT's data and how it relates to the current state of the economy, COVID-19 pandemic and the jewelry industry.


Cash, Credit and Covid-19

JBT Podcast
Erich Jacobs, president of JBT on how U.S. businesses have handled this year’s liquidity crisis.
October 19, 2020, Rapaport


Let’s Talk About Money

Talk Money Webinar
Learn about managing cash flow, finding new revenue streams, accessing credit and balancing investments versus cutbacks.


Best Practices on Protecting Your Rights as a Creditor

Best Practices on Protecting Your rights as a Creditor
Learn about recent changes in legislation, as well as potential future changes based on COVID-19, and business practices you can adopt in order to best protect your rights as a creditor.


MJSA Podcast, Episode 9: Today & Tomorrow: Industry Analysis with Erich Jacobs of JBT

MJSA JBT Podcast
Learn how JBT collects data from members, JBT’s economic data sources comparing the previous recession, transparency issues and how blockchain and cryptocurrency fit into the recovery picture.


My Next Question – National Jeweler

Learn how JBT’s new Presidents background in technology ties into the future of the organization, how they are handling the reporting of credit ratings amid COVID-19, what kind of calls he has been fielding from members and JBT’s forecast for the rest of 2020.


State of the Diamond Market

Learn about online behavior changes, retailer sourcing from local as opposed to global suppliers, changes in credit terms and more consignment terms as a model from traders to retailers change moving forward and more.

What We've Learned

What We've Learned
In this webinar, manufacturers and designers discuss business in a post-COVID-19 environment.


Managing Through The COVID-19 Crisis 

Managing Through COVID-19
In this webinar, you will learn how to manage the current impact of COVID-19 and how to position your business for the best recovery. 

Protect Yourself from Fraud and Risks when Trading Online

Protect Yourself from Fraud and Risks when Trading Online
In this webinar, you will attain the knowledge and tools to protect yourself and trade more safely online.



Checking Credit is Much More than a Look in the JBT Red Book

Retail Jewelers, January/February 2020


Tips for Successful Debt Collection

Retail Jeweler, November/December 2019

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